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(Coming soon: winter 2022)

In September 2021, I had the chance to be invited as artist in residence on the Coriolis II research vessel to accompany the TReX (Tracer experiment release) mission. On this occasion, a multidisciplinary team of scientists carried out the dumping and monitoring of a dye in the St.Lawrence River in order to model its dispersion: in the event of pollution by a toxic liquid, it will be possible to better plan the necessary actions.


The images of scientists filmed by drone or amphibious camera, which I was able to collect during this mission, are striking: they inevitably recall the dramatic scenes seen many times on television of environmental disasters caused by humans. With this notable difference that they invert the paradigm here: the dye used is not toxic, and its pouring is done with a benevolent intention towards nature.


The artistic project consists of the realization of an immersive video installation for two screens (planned for winter 2022), with the images of the scientists which will be accompanied by a soundtrack produced with recordings taken from the Coriolis II as well as original music (the one accompanying this foretaste was recorded on a beautiful starry night on the deck crew's radio).



Drone pilot: Elie Dumas-Lefebvre. Underwater images: Shumin Li. Sounds: Baptiste Grison.

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