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A geography of the moment


We are somewhere in the landscape until the day we are no longer there .

(Yasmina Reza)

Perhaps it is better to just pass by, not to interfere in anything, to love the curious life of men and leave them alone, to observe the cleverly placed buoys and navigation beacons.
(Patrick Deville)

FATIMA: a project on walking, on the landscape, and on the contemplative experience of everyday life. A geography of the moment .

6x6 in. Publication, 128 pages, available on request ($ 35).

Watch Télé-Québec's La Fabrique Culturelle capsule .


“Almost every day I walk along the Fatima beach.

I leave the house and generally go through the street; if the tide and the elements allow it, I like to make the way back by the beach and the rocks. I observe the large boats waiting for their pilot, motionless in the middle of the river behind islands whose names I recite. I stop in my turn and scan the foreshore in the eyepiece of my telescope, and quickly I resume the stroll. I also like to watch people who come here get drunk on iodine and slow down time, for a week or for the season. They make fires on summer evenings on the shore, as we do on every occasion.

One day, a bird falls. One night the sky is dancing.


I try to be attentive to all these phenomenas, extraordinary or not, which punctuate my daily life; I take and collect the disparate shards of what shapes my landscape: a geography, which welcomes its actors. "

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