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My work is a double experience, that of space and that of the image.


With the gaze of the geographer, I am interested in places that intrigue me by their singular character and the complexity of reading they induce: an indigenous reserve created by a central political power and which has never been occupied by the people assigned to it; a cargo parking lot located in front of a virtual border in the middle of the St. Lawrence River; a very popular summer vacation site that turns into human wasteland in winter ... I generally approach these spaces by favoring slowness and often through a thoughtful practice of walking. I observe, I frequent, I immerse myself, I tame. I create my own story there, with the aim of drawing from it a very personal experience which can be that of absence, immobility or movement, boredom or joy.


To transcribe these geographic experiences into artistic projects, I constantly experiment with my way of practicing the photographic medium. My projects thus borrow various ways of doing things: I constantly try to renew my modus operandi. And since I consider my practice as a writing in which each image, to make sense, must find its place in an ensemble that goes beyond it, I conceive my series above all as dialogues in which the photographs either respond to each other or collide, by favoring the poetic form.


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