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Proposal to watch the stars

To observe, map and photograph the sky in all its depth and complexity, there are professional or amateur astronomers, advanced instruments, observatories away from stray lights, and a whole panoply of sophisticated techniques. The apparent infinity of this  fields of research and all the philosophical questions that may arise from it can make you dizzy - at least that's the effect it inevitably has on me. So when I find myself, on a beautiful summer night, lying on the beach facing a starry vault, I often wonder what would be the best way to interact with this rich visual material and above all, how to account for this poetic experience other than by applying a technical and systematic approach  .


Here is a proposal for watching the stars.



Instructions :


  1. Choose a very dark night, without clouds, preferably a warm night, a beautiful summer night;

  2. Ideally, you should absorb a little alcohol (or any other substance to your liking), which will slightly disturb your senses;

  3. You can then sit down at your convenience, lying on your back, on the sand, in the grass or whatever you like;

  4. Squint your eyes;

  5. It is almost silent;

  6. A slow shutter of the camera set in manual mode coincides with the beginning of a slight oscillating movement of your body: this will define the trajectory of the stars;

  7. There you go: there are now stars dancing on the surface of your sensor.

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